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In my role as Executive Director of Design and Development at InvestorPlace Media, I had the privilege of leading the internal web team in the design and development of The Independent Vanguard Fund Analyzer - a groundbreaking online data analysis tool. Of course, with anything new and "groundbreaking", properly communicating its value to the masses can be tricky.

We decided to develop a landing page that focused on the three main features of the tool. We came up with powerful text for the "hero" section accompanied by a clear call to action, then listed the three main features of the tool. We then presented each of those features individually as users scrolled through the page. Next we featured the Independent Vanguard experts whose data is used to power the tool, and finally a flexible order form that works beautifully on any device.

The color palette, typography and large screenshots used in the landing page were all chosen with the deliberate intention of making the tool itself feel familiar once individuals subscribed. Subtle animation throughout the landing page enriches the experience. The clear calls to action and distinct sections of content presented in this page made it an integral part of an incredibly successful marketing effort.

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